Welcome at antiekzilverwinkel.nl

I am Alexander Stouten and I have been in the silver business for 36 years. First as a restorer of antique silver and jewelry and later also as a dealer. The last 11 years I have a shop in the center of Haarlem, where of course you are welcome.

Now there is already a year an online shop. The website is not quite ready yet. It is still being filled. Of all the categories you will find in the drop down menu, I have items. If at this moment there are no objects in it, I haven't photographed them yet but they are there! You can always call me for information about items you are looking for but which you can't find on my site yet.

We are going to work hard to fill up the site. Every week new objects are added. If you are looking for something that is not yet on the site, feel free to call me. I can help you immediately! Have fun on my site ... and hopefully you will come and have a look in my shop.

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We are on holiday !

From Thursday 17 January the shop is open again (only by appointment!).

You can just order items, it will be sent immediately when we are back.